Simba Global — Mid Level Designer

(2016 – Present)

Amici Studio — Partner

(2018 – Present)

Monash University — Bachelor of Communication Design Honours

(2016 – Present)

AGDA — Student Councillor


Yoke — Internship

(Early 2016 – Mid 2016)

TAKT — Freelance Designer

(Late 2017 – Early 2018)

Selected Awards

2017 Woolmark Company — Prato Study Scholarship

2017 Monash University — Prato Studio Award

2018 Monash University — Outstanding Communication Design Graduate

2018 Monash University — Project Distinction Award

2018 AGDA — Student Finalist, Print


Monash University

Simba Global

Sudden Loud Noises


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Melbourne, Australia.
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Hello, I'm:
James Meadowcroft
I’m a designer who works across print,
branding, photography, video, web,
research & project management.

You can contact me at:
contact@jamesmeadowcroft.com ↗
I’m a designer who works across print, branding, photography, video, web, research & project management.

You can contact me at:
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Print, Research.
26th of August 2018

A research publication designed and written investigating climate denial in politics and media. 2036 acts as an anniversary to the end of the world, if we do not change our current path, we will be creating irreversible damage to the environment. A hardcover publication in response to the ISTD briefs 2018.

*2018 AGDA Awards Student Finalist
Print, Photography, Research.
26th of August 2018
Advertising Spaces in Public Places

Advertising Spaces in Public Places explores how private companies use public space for their own profit. It discusses the problems with current advertising in public space, including recent actions installing billboards in public sidewalks, and proposes what a future may look like if we continue on our current, invasive trajectory. A 120pp perfect bound publication including a pin up poster, flyer and printed bag.

*2018 Monash University Outstanding Communication Design Graduate Award

*2018 Monash University Project Distinction Award
Print, Photography, Research.
26th of August 2018
oBikes of Melbourne
This archive project aimed to capture the presence of the dockless share bike company oBike in Melbourne. The project documented found bikes for a month before the company withdrew from the city. It proposed the use of a system that documented breaches of the agreement signed between the City of Melbourne and oBike.
Web, Branding.
26th of August 2018
Sudden Loud Noises

Created with amici ↗, this website developed for Sudden Loud Noises promotes and archives all future and current events for the community. See what event is on next, and stay up to date with emails sent to your inbox every month. Visit the website here ↗

Print, Research.
16th of October 2018
Firearms in the United States of America
A research publication in response to an annual report typography brief. Firearms in the United States of America, a Year in Review looks at the effects of gun violence and gun ownership in America in 2017. It also makes comment on the influence of institutions such as the National Rifle Association over policy making.
Print, Branding, Photography, Video, Web, Project Management.
26th of August 2018
Sleep by Simba
Welcome to your best night's sleep. Complete branding project for the launch of the Sleep by Simba mattresses. The project included a brandmark, brand assets, printed brochures, photography, web design and videos. The unboxing video can be found here ↗ and the video commercial can be found here ↗.
Print, Photography.
26th of August 2018
How to Listen
A beginner's guide to audio. A response to a university typography brief to construct a guidebook. How to listen introduces many different audio components. Saddle stitch 44pp publication. All original photography.
Print, Photography.
26th of August 2018
Helpful Handbook
The very helpful* handbook to navigating the Lilydale Line was produced in response to an Unconventional Publishing brief. It explores the outer eastern suburbs through photography and typography.
Print, Branding, Photography, Video, Research.
26th of August 2018
The Uncultivore
Everyone is a Cultivore in their own field. But what is the UnCultivore? Tourists who give themselves four days to travel the whole of Italy and touch things they are not allowed to in museums. Dependent on the context, we are all UnCultivores, yet some tourists thrive in this category in an unknown city. Our souvenirs were given out to tourists in Florence for free. Of course, many tourists were hesitant to pick up the false souvenirs. Watch our video here.
Print, Photography, Research.
26th of August 2018
Welcome to Italy
Created during a two month university course at Monash Prato. In response to the order and chaos of Italian culture, I created a newspaper in broadsheet size about the process of theme-parking Italian culture. The paper consists of a written and photographic essay.
26th of August 2018
New Century
New Century is a proposed clothing label that revolves around bringing back retro designs into modern fashion. The branding included a brandmark, packaging, shirt, business cards and website.
26th of August 2018
Followed By Facebook
For unconventional publishing, Followed by Facebook aims to publish and make visible the terms and conditions that websites generally try to hide. By publishing this information on a t-shirt and altering the language, the underlying meaning of the terms and conditions are revealed.

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