A folio of design work by James Meadowcroft
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I’m a ‘multidisciplinary’ designer. My practice is driven by research. It takes a strategic approach to outcomes.

Design is iterative. Design is collaborative. Design is hard to define.

I’m a graphic designer, web developer, photographer, book designer, user experience designer, videographer, project manager, researcher, strategist, brand developer and marketer.

Design is inherently multidisciplinary. Design is the mixture of specialities. Design is fun to be a part of.

This is my folio.

Co-operating, Organising, Designing.

No. 1 Date 14 November 2019

Monash University — University Medal for Undergraduate Academic Excellence (2020)

DIA VIC / TAS Visual Communication Design — Graduate of the Year (2020)

Monash University — Student Award, Communication Design Honours (2019)

Book Publishing
Print Design

Co-operating, Organising, Designing is a publication that is part of a year long research project exploring the effects of co-operative structures on design studios.

How could a co-operative framework inform a utopian design studio structure? To build these alternative design studio structures, this project proposes that studios be designed under a co-operative framework where each member has input and control over the structure that they work under. Under a co-operative framework, studio structures are in a constant state of plasticity, changing with time as they aim for a utopia that is a mirage on the horizon. This project follows the experimentation of a single studio operating and creating methods through the methodology of participatory design, Amici Studio.