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How could a co-operative framework inform a utopian1 design studio structure? To build these alternative design studio structures, this project proposes that studios be designed under a co-operative2 framework where each member has input and control over the structure that they work under. Under a co-operative framework, studio structures are in a constant state of plasticity, changing with time as they aim for a utopia that is a mirage on the horizon. This project follows the experimentation of a single studio operating and creating methods through the methodology of participatory design, Amici Studio.

1. An ideal future to work towards. The Utopia is not set explicitly, but is represented by the evolution of structures.

2. The formal business structure of co-operation where a group of people come together and work voluntarily.

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*Material cost of books is on average $40. This project is a labour of love. Please buy one for all your friends and family.

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