A folio of design work by James Meadowcroft
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I’m a ‘multidisciplinary’ designer. My practice is driven by research. It takes a strategic approach to outcomes.

Design is iterative. Design is collaborative. Design is hard to define.

I’m a graphic designer, web developer, photographer, book designer, user experience designer, videographer, project manager, researcher, strategist, brand developer and marketer.

Design is inherently multidisciplinary. Design is the mixture of specialities. Design is fun to be a part of.

This is my folio.


No. 9 Date 10 June 2018

AGDA Awards — Finalist, Student Print (2018)

Book Publishing
Print Design

In response to the 2018 International Society of Typographic Designers’ student briefs — 2036 is a publication that explores climate denial in politics and media. The brief asks for a typographic submission that responds to the concept of ‘anniversary’, in this, 2036 acts as the anniversary of the end of the world. This year was defined by Scientific American as the date that the Earth will cross the ‘Climate Danger Threshold’, a threshold that if we cross will do irreversible damage to our climate — if we keep on our current rate of emissions. So what’s stopping us from making these environmental changes? 2036 argues that the current lack of progress is due to widespread misinformation campaigns led by key benefactors that create doubt in the publics’ mind.