A folio of design work by James Meadowcroft
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I’m a ‘multidisciplinary’ designer. My practice is driven by research. It takes a strategic approach to outcomes.

Design is iterative. Design is collaborative. Design is hard to define.

I’m a graphic designer, web developer, photographer, book designer, user experience designer, videographer, project manager, researcher, strategist, brand developer and marketer.

Design is inherently multidisciplinary. Design is the mixture of specialities. Design is fun to be a part of.

This is my folio.

Dion Tuckwell: Thesis

No. 10 Date 20 February 2021
With Liz Luby, Selena Repanis
Website Design
Website Development
Brand Identity

Dion Tuckwell is an educator and researcher at Monash University, and designer in Melbourne, Australia. Dion taught us when we all studied Honours at Monash in 2019. Dion asked us to help him host his PhD thesis in a comprehensive online reader format. Working alongside Dion, we designed a custom site, editable through the backend which we developed on Ruby on Rails. This website acts as an exhibition of Dion Tuckwell’s PhD for an online context.

Alongside the site, we created a custom typeface inspired by tape letters created by Dion in his workshops. Tapeface (the typeface) is available to download for free right now, live on the site! Thanks Dion for working with us, we miss being studio neighbours with you. 👩‍💻🧑‍💻👨‍💻

Go check out the site, have a read, scroll around, and use the stamping tools we made, all inspired by Dion’s tactile and affective approach to design 📚📎