A folio of design work by James Meadowcroft
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I’m a ‘multidisciplinary’ designer. My practice is driven by research. It takes a strategic approach to outcomes.

Design is iterative. Design is collaborative. Design is hard to define.

I’m a graphic designer, web developer, photographer, book designer, user experience designer, videographer, project manager, researcher, strategist, brand developer and marketer.

Design is inherently multidisciplinary. Design is the mixture of specialities. Design is fun to be a part of.

This is my folio.


No. 3 Date 11 May 2022
With Liz Luby, Selena Repanis

AGDA Awards — Distinction, Digital (2022)

Website Design
Website Development
Brand Identity

Connecting state and cultural institutions with industry, CityLab is making better cities through design expertise, rigorous procurement practices and specialist project management. CityLab collaborates with both the public and private sector in Australia and New Zealand, connecting clients with design professionals, while supporting and promoting the design industry through fair and equitable processes.

We were engaged by CityLab to refresh their website and brand with the intention of creating a unique voice and identity for their services. The website should serve as a place to engage with current projects, and act as an archive for completed projects.

Our response aimed to show CityLab as leaders in the design industry, while maintaining the approachability and reliability required for large scale civic projects. The website aims to introduce all aspects of CityLab on the homepage, allowing for visitors to then explore into different pages or projects, with a focus on creating project hubs that evolve with the project over time.

For the identity we employed Klim’s National 2 typeface which reflects the built environment and gave the brand a sense of strength, reliability and workmanship. CityLab was built as a custom web application that allows for dynamic content to be displayed and projects to be added over time.

The completed website emphasises a continually growing and evolving digital platform for CityLab to develop with as well as an engaging new visual identity for the brand.